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Wi-Fi Connected Garage Door: Why You Might Want One

You’d never imagine that you could do something cool with a Wi-Fi connected garage door, but you truly do have some cool things that you can do with it. This type of garage door adds convenience and several benefits to homeowners who have it. You can easily check the status of your garage door like whether it is open or closed. At Pros Garage Door in Cinnaminson, New Jersey, we have technicians available to install garage doors with Wi-Fi.

Open and Close the Door from Anywhere

You could be anywhere and open and close your garage door from afar. How could that be helpful? Let’s say that your child came home from school. They forgot their keys in the house, which means they can’t get in. From your workplace, you can open the garage door and close it to let them inside until you get home. While they can’t unlock the door to the home, they can safely wait inside the garage until you return home. In some cases, you may need to give family or even friends access to the home, and this can help. Wi-Fi allows access if the need arises.

Receive Push Notifications

Use push notifications to monitor access to the home. Burglars love to enter through the garage because of its size and ease of access. With push notifications, you can tell who has access and who doesn’t. If your garage door suddenly opens without reason, you can alert the police immediately. You can learn who has access and keep those who shouldn’t have access away.

In-Garage Delivery Setup

With the theft of Amazon packages rising to $25 million in lost goods, you can curb the problem by having the delivery placed inside of the garage. Select cities now offer this plan called In-Garage Delivery. You sync your phone with your MyQ account, a free-to-download app, and once you have downloaded it, you use the power of your Wi-Fi connected garage door opener.

Garage Door Lights Scheduled

Ever come home to a dark home and tried to shuffle around your keyring to find the right key? Through scheduling the garage door lights, you ensure that you never have that happen again. The Wi-Fi on the garage door helps it to perform more complex tasks. You can also turn the garage door lights on and off from the convenience of your smartphone. Garage door lights can be turned on to make it look like you’re home while traveling.

Detect Harmful Chemicals in the Garage

Carbon monoxide kills an estimated 200 people each year from poisoning. Not only can it kill, but carbon monoxide poisoning can cause severe disabilities and brain damage even if it doesn’t kill. Carbon monoxide has no odor. Through the MyQ app, you will receive an alert as an extra warning against harmful chemicals. You can receive a notification from anywhere in the world to address the issue. While this can help, you shouldn’t throw out your carbon monoxide alarms. Look at this as a secondary line of defense.

Fit the Car Perfectly into the Garage

You have maybe had the unpleasant experience of driving too far forward or not driving forward enough. Through a Wi-Fi connected garage door system, the garage door guides your car in with lasers. The lasers show you where to park so that you can make it the perfect fit.

Temperature Monitoring

Most garage doors don’t have adequate insulation. In the winter, this means colder temperatures and in the summer, it means hot temperatures. Through the app, you can monitor your garage’s temperatures to receive a warning if the temperatures drop below or above a specified point. This ensures that you can protect the temperature-sensitive items like food, equipment and flammables that could explode if the garage gets too hot or freeze if it gets too cold.

Interact with Guests from Afar

Let’s say that you have guests over for a dinner party, but you had to run to the store. The MyQ app serves as your second pair of eyes if you have cameras and a speaker on it. You could be in the grocery store while speaking with your guests.

The other cool thing about a Wi-Fi connected garage door comes from how the door will detect your distance from it. As soon as you drive up on the lot, the door will automatically open for you. The GPS sends a message to MyQ, which alerts the technology to open the door automatically.

Installing a Wi-Fi Connected Garage Door

Our technicians in Cinnaminson can assist you in installing a Wi-Fi connected garage door. We have the expertise to ensure that the door gets installed properly. Especially if you have an older garage door between eight to 12 years old, you may find it beneficial to install a new one.

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