How to Accent Your Garage Doors
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How to Accent Your Garage Doors

Making the home look more beautiful adds to the curb appeal, which especially becomes valuable if you want to sell your home. Accents on the garage door can be a valuable investment that makes the rest of the home look attractive. You have a number of things that you can do as a way to catch the eye of potential home buyers. Here at Pros Garage Door in New Jersey, we can help to beautify your home.

Above-the-Door Vines

If you have one thing that adds style and sophistication, above-the-door vines look lovely, and it can color the home with an attractive Mediterranean style. Before you consider any of these options, however, please look at the style of your home first. That helps to ensure that you choose the right thing for your home. Especially with arched top doors, the twisting vines add an attractive look to the home. For anyone who wants to give their home the appearance of being straight out of a Disney fairytale, you can’t go wrong.

Traditional Lanterns on the Side

You can especially make your home look more attractive through adding traditional lanterns. In many cases, the classics never die because they have a timeless appeal that we all cherish. This can especially be a wise choice if you want an overall theme that feels quaint and full of life. On a smaller home, this can make the home feel cozy. Again, what you should choose also depends on the style of your garage doors because this may not be the right choice for everyone.

Pergola over the Top of the Doors

Adding a small perole has a type of southwestern flair, and you might even plant vines as way to give it an even more attractive appearance. In particular, a pergola over the top of the garage door will work well with Spanish colonial style homes. It looks classy while providing the home with a little extra shade when walking near the garage. You could also hang traditional lanterns to accentuate the style of the garage door. In particular, this adds some lighting accent to the garage doors.

With this style, some people have even chosen to take solar panels and put them above the garage door to get extra electricity. You have more than one style when it comes to having a pergola above the garage door. You might take some time to examine the different styles to determine the best choice.

Masterful Use of Ambient Lighting

Nothing makes the home look classy faster than some well-placed ambient lighting for the nighttime. Lighting styles have grown richer with time, and you can use it to accentuate the outside of the home. It adds a decorative accent in the exterior spacing of the home. In particular, this style with the garage door will look best if you add it to a modern or contemporary style home.

Stone Veneer: A Good Choice?

Not only does stone veneer add a sophisticated look, it adds value to your home. In fact, homeowners can expect to recooperate 93 percent of the investment with natural stone veneer. Overall, stone veneers puts a welcoming appearance on the home, and it looks great near a garage door. It has a type of classic look that has gained in popularity in the last few years. Stone veneer puts out a welcoming vibe, which will add to the curb appeal.

Paint Your Garage Door

Paint Your Garage Door

Maybe you have noticed how your garage door has reached a point where it needs a paint upgrade. Whatever paint style you choose, you can add to the overall appeal of your garage door with it. Nevertheless, when you choose this, you want to make sure that the color scheme blends well to get the best results.

You might look at the paint styles of different garage doors to make your decision. In some cases, multiple color schemes can look great on the door. However, if you choose to go this route, you have to do it carefully. For example, you might choose dark gray and white as the main color scheme, and you’d add a lighter gray at points to give the door a softer appearance and bring out the main gray color.

Install Spotlights

Flood lights used to be exceptionally common with garage doors, but spotlights and ambient lighting draw out the aesthetic appeal of your home even more. When evening comes, your home will look picturesque and upscale. You might add warm lighting to give the home an inviting appeal. Not only does it add some security to the home, but it looks attractive.

Customize the Look

You might choose handles and hinges for the door that will add extra appeal to the garage door. In particular, look for hardware that will put forward a lot of personality and draw the eye in a unique way.

Custom-Wrought Iron

Depending on the garage door and color, you may find it visually appealing to add custom-wrought iron to your garage door. This adds a decorative look that can bring out the best parts of your door. Have a look at the different custom wrought doors to make a decision.

Most importantly, have fun because how you choose to accent your garage door should be a fun project that gets you excited. You can choose to take this down many creative paths to arrive at a good decision.

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