Old Garage Door Opener

Old garage door opener does pose a threat to your security because of how hackers can use modern day exploits that an old garage door opener can’t defend against.

Garage Door Repair

Whatever your garage door repair needs may be, we are here to help. We have a great reputation throughout the Burlington area for our prompt, professional and affordable services.

Buying Garage Door

Buying garage door. Here are some more pointers to help you make an informed decision when buying a garage door. Shopping for a new garage door.

Professional Garage Door Service

Professional garage door service will be able to offer you expert advice on how to maintain your door and make it last longer. They can also offer tips.

Broken Springs | Why Do Garage Door Springs Break?

Broken springs should have the door left closed. If the door remains in the open position, only close it if you can safely do so. Use the click from afar to close the door.

The Value of Smart Garage Door Openers

Smart garage door openers are a real, modern necessity now. Like everything else in our life today, there are smart options available that make your life easier.

The Dangers of a Broken Garage Door Spring

If a spring on the garage door has broken, do not open the door. Unfortunately, you have many stories of broken garage door spring that injured someone.

Winter Garage Door Maintenance Tips

The winter season requires proper cleaning of the tracks, rollers and door. Dirt accumulate as you use the garage door. When the winter season rolls around, the dirt attract moisture, which can cause it to freeze.

7 Tips for Fixing Garage Door Keypad Issues

Everything adds to the convenience when it works, but what happens when you have issues with the garage door keypad? Let’s have a look at some tips to deal with it.

Wi-Fi Connected Garage Door: Why You Might Want One

You’d never imagine that you could do something cool with a Wi-Fi connected garage door, but you truly do have some cool things that you can do with it.

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