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Garage Door Maintenance for Homeowners

A standard, garage door might pull 200 pounds several times a day across 365 days a year. When you stop to think about this mechanism, the garage door is actually an engineering marvel. Taking care of it is typically put on the back burner, however.

Prioritize the door as you maintain the rest of the house. Homeowners should have a solid, comfort level with the door’s operations so that any future issues don’t become overwhelming problems. Here are some good tips for garage door maintenance:

Inspect the Door’s Operations

Before you start with any garage door maintenance tasks, take a close look at the door’s operations. Stand outside of the door. Activate the opener. Watch the door open and close. You’re looking for these features, including:

• Smooth movement in both directions

• Door remains level throughout the travel

• No unusual sounds

Repeat this process while standing inside of the garage too. A well-maintained garage door should only require minimal adjustments.

If there’s considerable problems with the garage door moving into position, calling the professionals for an appointment is the best course of action. A broken spring or other issue might be involved. It’s a safer repair when the professionals are called in at this point.

Adjust the Sensors

Your garage door opener comes with sensors that are typically installed on either side of the door’s opening. Take a close look at each sensor. They should have LED lights that tell you if they’re properly positioned.

If the door has issues with consistent lifting and lowering, the sensors may be slightly out of position.

Follow the opener’s instructions for sensor adjustments. Ask a friend to help you with one side of the door. Most adjustments require you to point the sensor in a particular direction in order to calibrate the system. The electronics tell you when the alignment is ready.

Tighten the Fasteners

If you’ve ever seen a professional replace garage doors, you know that there are numerous screws and bolts that go into the installation. Rollup doors tend to have the most fasteners.

Grab your screwdriver, wrench or other necessary tool to tighten the fasteners. Start on one side of the door at the top. Tighten the fasteners as you move between them in a vertical fashion. This careful process ensures that you don’t skip a screw.

Don’t strip out the fasteners as you complete the work, however. They will loosen over time. That’s why you need a garage door maintenance. Performing this action at least once a year will require screws with defined orifices.

Inspect the Vertical Springs

Garage door repair occurs on both the newest and oldest installations. Older properties have garage door springs that are stretched in a vertical position on either side of the opening. Take a look at these springs when they’re in a relaxed position. Examine them for these features, such as:

• Broken spring sections

• Rust

• Bent components

Continue with the inspection by activating the garage door opener. The garage door springs should be stretched now. Approach them with caution. Verify if anything looks unusual, such as an imbalance between the sides.

If you notice any issues with your residential springs, work with professionals on a solution. These springs are under constant pressure. Injuries can arise if the springs are adjusted without professional advisement.

Lube up the Mechanical Components

When it comes to garage door maintenance, one of the simplest tasks that you can perform as a homeowner is lubricating the mechanical components.

Every few months, use approved lubricant on chains, rollers and other moving parts. By lubricating these items, you prolong the system’s lifespan. Paying to replace garage doors otherwise is a waste of your hard-earned money when lubrication adds years to the parts.

Ideally, use a spray lubricant so that it can find its way into the tiny crevices. The lubing session also gives you a chance to look at the parts on a regular basis. If a screw is slowly pulling out from a hinge, you can quickly tighten it. Tightened and lubed parts will keep your door operating at peak levels.

Examine the Garage Door Opener

Your garage door maintenance processes should also include a look at the opener. Use a ladder to access the opener. The first item that will always need to be adjusted is the light bulb. Tighten it into its socket. It tends to vibrate out over time.

Verify that the opener’s motor isn’t overheated by carefully placing your hand on the housing. A little bit of warmth is normal, but hot conditions mean that the motor is working too hard. A professional may need to verify the situation and do some garage door maintenance.

Try out the Emergency Release

Most installations, including carriage garage doors, have some form of emergency release. This release is typically in the form of a pull cord between the door and opener. During your inspection, follow these steps to check the release, including:

• Pulling on the cord

• Watch the disconnect from the opener

• Reattach the disconnect

• Test the opener with the door

This entire scenario should be seamless. No loud noises or issues with disconnection should be apparent. If the mechanism doesn’t work as well as it should, contact your garage door professionals for a service call.

Clean out the Tracks

If you have a rollup door, it has metal tracks for the rollers to move with seamless ease. These tracks can build up dust and debris over time, however. Take some time out of your schedule to wipe the tracks. With the help of a ladder, carefully inspect the metal and rollers.

Don’t place any strain on the tracks by leaning your weight on them. These tracks are perfectly positioned for the door to move without any issues. If there’s been problems with a smooth motion, the professionals will need to adjust the metal as necessary.

If you have any concerns about garage door maintenance or repair, contact us today. Our staff is thrilled to answer your questions and schedule appointments. Residential garages must be maintained for optimal safety. Put your household and family first so that the door is always safe to let you in and out of the property.

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